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From Redlands Community Centre

As the festive season approaches, I wanted to draw your attention to our upcoming Christmas Project at Redland Community Centre.

Every year, we strive to bring joy and warmth to families facing economic hardships in the Redlands and Wynnum/Manly areas. This task is even more significant this year, given the challenges of inflation and the ongoing housing crisis, which have further intensified the struggles of many in our community.

Our Christmas Project is entirely unfunded and depends on the generous support of community members like you. We're reaching out with a heartfelt request: would you consider donating brand-new gifts for children under the age of 16? Your contributions will ensure that these children, despite their families' financial challenges, wake up to a bit of holiday magic.

For guidance on suitable gifts, we’ve attached a *Donation Gift Guide* (see below). We've endeavoured to make the selection process as easy as possible, ensuring that your generous contributions align with the needs and hopes of the children we aim to support.

We believe that, together, we can combat the shadows cast by economic hardships and light up the holiday season for numerous families. Your generosity can make a significant difference in turning this belief into reality.

Thank you for considering our request and for continually standing with us in our community efforts.

Ronan Wicks BMedSc

Monday to Friday – 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

P 07 3245 2117 |

29 Loraine Street  Capalaba QLD 4157  |  PO Box 337 Capalaba QLD 4157